Consortium Software

Following the recommendations of the steering committee of SINBAD consortium during the 2013 Fall meeting, the software releases are permanently hosted from private repositories at SINBAD consortium at GitHub starting from 2014. Please, visit Consortium Software Release page for more information.

Public Software

  • Academic Release of SLIM Software

    The academic release includes various Matlab packages

    • Spot - a linear operator toolbox for Matlab.
    • pSpot - parallel extension to Spot.
    • A toolbox for 2D frequency domain seismic imaging inversion and modelling, described in this report. [Read More]

    To download, you need to register. [Register/Download]

  • JUDI

    The Julia Devito Inversion framework (JUDI). [Download] (under developement)

  • SeisIO

    SeisIO is a Julia package for reading and writing SEGY Rev 1 files. [Read more] [Download]

  • JOLI

    JOLI is a linear operator toolbox for Julia. [Download] (under developement)

  • pSPOT

    pSPOT is a parallel extension of the SPOT toolbox for parallel Matlab. The toolbox is publicly available from GitHub. [Download]

  • SPOT

    SPOT is a linear operator toolbox for Matlab. [Read More] [Download] SLIM version [Download]


    SPARCO is a Matlab toolbox for testing sparse reconstruction algorithms. [Read More] [Download]

  • PyCurvelab

    PyCurvelab is a set of Python and Madagascar wrappers for Curvelab. You need to register in order to Download the software. [Register/Download]