SLIM software releases

Tue Apr 24 13:18:09 PDT 2018

MATLAB applications - SINBAD software

  1. Acquisition

    1. 2D ocean-bottom marine acquisition via jittered sampling [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Rank minimization based source-separation in time-jittered marine acquisition [Read More] [GitHub]
    3. Source separation for towed-streamer marine data via sparsity promotion (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    4. Source separation via SVD-free rank minimization in the hierarchical semi-separable representation [Read More] [GitHub]
    5. Time-jittered blended marine acquisition on non-uniform grids [Read More] [GitHub]
    6. Joint recovery method for time-lapse seismic data [Read More] [GitHub]
  2. Imaging

    1. Efficient least-squares imaging with sparsity promotion and compressive sensing (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Fast imaging with surface-related multiples by sparse inversion [Read More] [GitHub]
    3. Fast least-squares imaging with source estimation using multiples (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    4. Time domain LSRTM with sparsity promotion [Read More] [Video] [GitHub]
    5. Wavefield reconstruction imaging [Read More] [GitHub]
  3. Modeling

    1. Tutorial for 2D Frequency-domain acoustic modeling and imaging [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Tutorial for time-domain 2D/3D acoustic modeling (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    3. Time-domain 2D/3D modeling and linearized modeling [Read More] [GitHub]
  4. Processing

    1. Large-scale seismic data compression with on-the-fly shots/receivers generation from compressed Hierarchical Tucker parameter (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Missing-receiver interpolation of 3D frequency slices using Hierarchical Tucker Tensor optimization [Read More] [Video] [GitHub]
    3. Large-scale seismic data interpolation using SVD-free low-rank matrix factorization [Read More] [GitHub]
    4. Seismic data regularization, interpolation and denoising using SVD-free low-rank matrix factorization [Read More] [GitHub]
    5. Sparsity-promoting denoising of seismic data [Read More] [GitHub]
    6. Seismic trace interpolation using weighted one-norm minimization [Read More] [GitHub]
  5. Wavefield separation

    1. Example scripts for Robust Estimation of Primaries by Sparse Inversion (via L1 minimization) [Read More] [GitHub]
  6. Waveform inversion

    1. 2D Basic Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Time-domain Gauss-Newton full-waveform inversion for Chevron 2014 benchmark dataset (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    3. 2D modified Gauss-Newton full-waveform inversion (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    4. Fast and robust 2D full-waveform inversion without source encoding [Read More] [GitHub]
    5. 2D Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion [Read More] [GitHub]
    6. 2D Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion with Source Estimation (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
    7. Total Variation Regularized Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion [Read More] [GitHub]
    8. 3D FWI with an Acoustic Helmholtz Modeling Kernel [Read More] [GitHub]
    9. Parallel 3D frequency domain full waveform inversion [Read More] [GitHub]
    10. Time-domain 2D FWI with TTI anisotropy [Read More] [GitHub]
    11. Constrained FWI [Read More] [GitHub]
    12. Full-Waveform Inversion for time-lapse seismic data [Read More] [GitHub]
    13. Uncertainty quantification for 2D Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
  7. Other

    1. Examples from the journal paper van Leeuwen (2012) [Read More] [GitHub]
    2. Examples for using iWAVE interface for different applications [Read More] [GitHub]

MATLAB applications - open source

  1. WAVEFORM - a softWAre enVironmEnt For nOnlinear inveRse probleMs (2017) [GitHub]
  2. Mitigating local minima in full-waveform inversion by expanding the search space (2013) [GitHub]

Julia applications - SINBAD software

  1. Imaging

    1. Time-domain seismic imaging (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]
  2. Modeling

    1. Time-domain seismic modeling (master branch only) [Read More] [GitHub]

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