Source separation via SVD-free rank minimization in the hierarchical semi-separable representation

TitleSource separation via {SVD}-free rank minimization in the hierarchical semi-separable representation
Publication TypeConference
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHaneet Wason, Rajiv Kumar, Aleksandr Y. Aravkin, Felix J. Herrmann
Conference NameSEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts
KeywordsAcquisition, deblending, HSS, marine, Rank, SEG, source separation

Recent developments in matrix rank optimization have allowed for new computational approaches in the field of source separation or deblending. In this paper, we propose a source separation algorithm for blended marine acquisition, where two sources are deployed at different depths (over/under acquisition). The separation method incorporates the Hierarchical Semi-Separable structure (HSS) inside rank-regularized least-squares formulations. The proposed approach is suitable for large scale problems, since it avoids SVD computations and uses a low-rank factorized formulation instead. We illustrate the performance of the new HSS-based deblending approach by simulating an over/under blended acquisition, wherein uniformly random time delays (of < 1 second) are applied to one of the sources.




Citation Keywason2014SEGsss