Solving the data-augmented wave equation

TitleSolving the data-augmented wave equation
Publication TypeSINBAD Presentation
AuthorsTristan van Leeuwen, Bas Peters, Felix J. Herrmann
Year of Publication2013

The recently proposed penalty method promises to mitigate some of the non-linearity inherent in full-waveform inversion by relaxing the requirement that the wave-equation needs to be solved exactly. The basic workflow of this new method is as follows; i) solve an overdetermined wave-equation (the data-augmented wave-equation), where the data serves as additional constraints for the wavefields, ii) compute the wavefield-residual by substituting this wavefield in the wave-equation, and iii) correlate the wavefield with the wavefield-residual to obtain a model-update. As opposed to the conventional workflow, no explicit adjoint solve is needed to compute the model-update. However, instead of solving a wave-equation, we need to solve a data-augmented wave-equation. In this talk we explore some of the challenges of solving this data-augmented wave-equation and review some possible solution strategies for both time and frequency-domain applications.

KeywordsPresentation, private, SINBAD, SINBADFALL2013, SLIM
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