SLIM Presentations at SEG Houston

We are pleased to announce the following abstracts accepted for presentation at the 87th SEG Conference & Exhibition 2017, 24-29 September, 2017, Houston.


13:50 Oral presentation, Room 361A, Session: SPMI 1 "Elastic Least Squares Imaging" – Emmanouil DaskalakisDevelopments in the direction of solving extremly large problems in Geophysics

14:40 E-Presentation, Room Exhibit Hall D/E, E-P Station 2, Session: SPMUL E-P1 "Methods in Development and Practice" – Mengmeng YangFast sparsity-promoting least-squares migration with multiples in time domain


10:35 Oral presentation, Room 361F, Session: FWI 2 "Methodology 2" – Yiming ZhangMassive 3D seismic data compression and inversion with hierarchical Tucker

10:35 E-Presentation, Room Exhibit Hall D/E, E-P Station 3, Session: FWI E-P1 "Methodology 3" – Rongrong WangA denoising formulation of full-waveform inversion

13:50 Oral presentation, Room 362D, Session: PS 2 "Event Location 2" – Shashin SharanHigh resolution fast microseismic source collocation and source time function estimation

15:55 Oral presentation, Room 370A, Session: MS 2 "Applications" – Ali AlfarajReconstruction of S-waves from low-cost randomized and simultaneous acquisition by joint sparse inversion