Resolving scaling ambiguities with the L1/L2 norm in a blind deconvolution problem with feedback

TitleResolving scaling ambiguities with the {L1}/{L2} norm in a blind deconvolution problem with feedback
Publication TypeSINBAD Presentation
AuthorsErnie Esser, Rongrong Wang, Tim T.Y. Lin, Felix J. Herrmann
Year of Publication2015

Compared to more mundane blind deconvolution problems, blind deconvolution in seismic applications involves a feedback mechanism related to the free surface. The presence of this feedback mechanism gives us an unique opportunity to remove ambiguities that have plagued blind deconvolution for a long time. While beneficial, this feedback by itself is insufficient to remove the ambiguities even with L1 constraints. However, when paired with an L1/L2 constraint the feedback allows us to resolve the scaling ambiguity under relatively mild assumptions. Inspired by lifting approaches, we propose to split the sparse signal into positive and negative components and apply an \ell_1/\ell_2 constraint to the difference, thereby obtaining a constraint that is easy to implement. Numerical experiments demonstrate robustness to the initialization as well as to noise in the data.

KeywordsPresentation, private, SINBAD, SINBADFALL2015, SLIM

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