Joint full-waveform inversion of on-land surface and VSP data from the Permian Basin

TitleJoint full-waveform inversion of on-land surface and {VSP} data from the {Permian} {Basin}
Publication TypeTech Report
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBrendan R. Smithyman, Bas Peters, Bryan DeVault, Felix J. Herrmann
Keywordsdownhole receivers, Full-waveform inversion, land, seismic, vibroseis

Full-waveform Inversion is applied to generate a high-resolution model of P-wave velocity for a site in the Permian Basin, Texas, USA. This investigation jointly inverts seismic waveforms from a surface 3-D vibroseis surface seismic survey and a co-located 3-D Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) survey, which shared common source Vibration Points (VPs). The resulting velocity model captures features that were not resolvable by conventional migration velocity analysis.

Citation Keysmithyman2014SEGjfw