High-performance seismic applications of OPESCI

TitleHigh-performance seismic applications of {OPESCI}
Publication TypeSINBAD Presentation
AuthorsMathias Louboutin, Felix J. Herrmann
Year of Publication2016

We present our latest geophysical applications built on OPESCI. By using a high-level symbolic API, we allow for fast development and easy implementation of various (acoustic, VT, TTI) wave propagators relevant to exploration geophysics. We start by highlighting possibilities in an acoustic setting including classical operators such as forward modelling and linearised forward (Born) modelling as well as more advanced operators deriving from wave equations with double dipoles and the application of the PDE to a wavefield instead of applying its inverse. We will also show that the performance (time to solution) of this code is on par with industrial software libraries (10% faster on the full SEAM model). We finally present our implementation of 3D TTI modelling and its adjoint including out comprehensive testing framework. This is joint work with Gerard Gorman

KeywordsPresentation, private, SINBAD, SINBADFALL2016, SLIM


Citation Keylouboutin2016SINBADFhps