Extended images in action: efficient AVA via probing

TitleExtended images in action: efficient {AVA} via probing
Publication TypeSINBAD Presentation
AuthorsRajiv Kumar, Tristan van Leeuwen, Felix J. Herrmann
Year of Publication2013

Common image gathers (CIG) are an important tool to perform AVA analysis in areas of complex geology. Unfortunately, it is prohibitively very expensive to compute these CIG for all the subsurface points. In this work, we present an efficient way to compute CIG for all subsurface offsets without explicitly calculating the source and receiver wavefields for all the sources. Because the CIG contain all possible subsurface offsets, we compute the angle-domain image gathers by selecting the subsurface offset that is aligned with the local geologic dip. We propose a method to compute the local dip information directly from common-image-point gathers. To assess the quality of the angle-domain common-image-points gathers we compute the angle-dependent reflectivity coefficients and compare them with theoretical reflectivity coefficients yielded by the (linearized) Zoeppritz equations for a few synthetic models.

KeywordsPresentation, private, SINBAD, SINBADFALL2013, SLIM
Citation Keykumar2013SINBADava