Mostafa Akrami

Mostafa Akrami
Job Title: 
Visiting MSc Student (Memorial)
ESB 3021

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Visiting from Alison Malcolm's group, Memorial University:


Solid State Physics (Maîtrise) from Blaise Pascal University, LASMEA, CNRS, France.
Materials & Nanostructures science and engineering (Masters), Neel Institute, CNRS, Grenoble, France.

Research interests:

Seismic imaging and inversion, FWI algorithms, Machine Learning.


1. Vector Data Full Waveform Inversion, 2016 (under processing).
2. Simulation of electrical control of a solid state flying qubit. (Masters' thesis)
3. An exact solution for diffusion equation in semiconductor devices, Waterloo Maple Soft, 2009.