Software repositories are accessible exclusively by members of the SINBAD Consortium.  From 2014, the software releases are permanently hosted from private repositories at SINBAD consortium at GitHub .

Complete software for SINBAD Consortium members:

  • Highlights of SLIM's software releases can be read on our documentation page (open access)and on our member's site here (password required).
  • Complete information about GitHub-hosted software releases is available here.

Requesting access

For access to the private repositories on GitHub, we will require your GitHub user name (not the e-mail address). If you do not have one, please:

  1. go to and sign-up for free GitHub account
  2. sign in to your GitHub account and upload your ssh key to the account (instructions how to generate the SSH key can be found here)

Once you have GitHub account, send your GitHub user name (not the e-mail address) to SLIM's software administrator using your company's e-mail account to obtain necessary access privileges to GitHub's private SLIM software repositories for SINBAD members. You will receive an e-mail with confirmation that the access was granted.

Subset of consortium software release licensed for use by academic community:

  • Licensed software releases can be found here.

3rd-party software packages sub-licensed for use by the academic community, and available registration-free for consortium members via SINBAD agreement:

  • Registration-free software releases can be found here.