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Ning Tu and Felix J. Herrmann, “Fast linearized inversion with surface-related multiples with source estimation”, in SEG Workshop on Using Multiples as Signal for Imaging; Denver, 2014. Abstract
Ning Tu, Tristan van Leeuwen, and Felix J. Herrmann, “Limitations of the deconvolutional imaging condition for two-way propagators”, in SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 2013, vol. 32, p. 3916-3920. Abstract
Ning Tu and Felix J. Herrmann, “Sparse least-squares seismic imaging with source estimation utilizing multiples”, in PIMS Workshop on Advances in Seismic Imaging and Inversion, 2015. Abstract
Ning Tu and Felix J. Herrmann, “Imaging with multiples accelerated by message passing”, in SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 2012, vol. 31, p. 1-6. Abstract
Ning Tu and Felix J. Herrmann, “Fast imaging with surface-related multiples by sparse inversion”, Geophysical Journal International, vol. 201, p. 304-317, 2015. Abstract
Felix J. Herrmann and Ning Tu, “Fast RTM with multiples and source estimation”, in EAGE/SEG Forum - Turning noise into geological information: The next big step?, 2013. Abstract
multiple channels
Ewout van den Berg and Michael P. Friedlander, “Theoretical and empirical results for recovery from multiple measurements”, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 56, p. 2516-2527, 2010. Abstract
Mengmeng Yang and Felix J. Herrmann, “Time domain sparsity promoting LSRTM with surface-related multiples in shallow-water case”, in SEG Workshop on Multiples: Status, Progress, Challenges and Open issues; Houston, 2017. Abstract
multilinear algebra