2D constant-density acoustic frequency-domain modeling, linearized modeling and imaging

This applications is available in the software release for both SINBAD consortium members and academic community.

The modeling code is based on a 9-point mixed-grid discretization of the 2D Helmholtz operator [1]. It solves the system in parallel over frequencies using direct factorization (Matlab's mldivide). Source injection and receiver sampling is done via cubic interpolation. The Jacobian is derived by linearizing the discretized system and its forward and adjoint action is calculated via the adjoint-state method.



The modeling code uses the following packages, found in the tools part of the software release.

Running & Parallelism

All the examples can be reproduced by running the scripts found in the software release under applications/Modeling/2DAcousticFreqModeling. Start matlab from that directory or run startup in that directory to add the appropriate paths.

The scripts can be run in serial mode but parallel mode is advised for the modeling and imaging examples. Use matlabpool open with the appropriate configuration and a divisor of 12 workers.


The modeling code consists of 3 distinct packages which can be found in the tools part of the software release. The main components are listed below





A few examples are included here


[1] C-H Jo,* C. Shin,* and J.H. Suh, 1996. An optimal 9-point, finite-difference, frequency-space, 2-D scalar wave extrapolator Geophysics 61(2), 529-537.